Annual review reporting and how VCare can help

Within VCare multiple reporting options are available ranging from analysing falls to being able to plan care items and identifying ongoing risk areas. Giving staff the ability to access relevant reports will help them perform to the best of their ability and means more effective and timely mining of relevant information.

The State of Technology in Aged Care

This article is taken from the industry report ‘Digital Transformation in Aged Care: 2022 and Beyond’ and was created in partnership with PainChek, the world’s first clinically proven digital pain assessment tool. Using AI, facial recognition and smartphone technology. Download your copy here.

As we shift into a new technological era, aged care is evolving by leaps and bounds. Below, we’re exploring the state of technology in aged care and the key drivers of technological uptake.

4 reasons why VCare are experts in interpreting data

4 reasons why VCare are experts in interpreting data The VCare team consists of experts In Nursing Care, Quality in Healthcare, Software Development and Design, System Support, Training and Education, Finance, Marketing and Administration. When you become part of the VCare family, your organisation enjoys access to this expertise. Our team regularly reviews international best…