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3 characteristics of a great Nurse

As individuals’ age there is a certain vulnerability that comes along with it. Great nurses understand this vulnerability and are compassionate towards their patients, especially through this transitional period. Nurses understand the physical difficulties their patient are facing, as well as the mental difficulties of no longer being able to fully care for themselves.

Interoperability with InterRAI – the facts

Interoperability with InterRAI – the facts VCare International is proud to be New Zealand’s leading Aged Care and Retirement Village software package. VCare was specifically designed for the New Zealand market so we understand your perspective and have experts to help streamline your business operations and align with best practice. Did you know it was…

Reporting in the Aged Care Sector

Reporting in the Aged Care Sector   One of the biggest issues with a paper-based system in the aged care sector is the size of resident’s files, and how difficult and time-consuming it is to quickly find relevant information. Care items being missed or follow-ups not being completed due to human error or lack of prompts is another…