VCare is an electronic way of meeting all of your care and support planning requirements practically, efficiently and in line with best practice and regulatory requirements.

The system stores all resident/service user files centrally, accessible via a desktop or mobile app. This allows for a reduction in time-consuming record keeping activities, providing your staff with more time to do what they do best, care for their residents.

Care Management

Comprehensive and easy to use, VCare’s care functionality will increase the quality of care provided to your residents.

The solution will provide you with:

  • Assessments & Measurements
  • Charts
  • Care Plans
  • Events
  • Progress Notes
  • Admissions
  • Checklists
  • Occupancy
  • And much more

Village Management

VCare is the top management tool for facilities aiming to maximise revenue while delivering quality products and services to village residents.

The solution will provide you with:

  • ORA
  • Occupancy
  • Sales
  • Village fees
  • Management fees
  • Correspondence
  • Prospect Management
  • Reporting
  • And much more

Admin, Sales and Marketing


The Admin, Sales & Marketing module gives you more visibility, control and management of your facility, attracting prospects and manage waiting lists with ease.

  • Prospect management
  • Waiting lists
  • Holds
  • Documents
  • Accounts Integration

Day Care Management



Day Care Management functionality records day care services for all or part of a day. VCare Day Care functionality includes:

  • Recording details of attendees and prospective attendees
  • Managing occupancy rates and capacity
  • Planning and recording of session attendance

Finance and Billing



Dramatically reduce the time needed for invoicing and improve accounts management. Functionality includes:

  • Invoicing
  • Funding
  • Batch lists
  • Comfort Accounts

Internal Messaging



VCare’s messaging functionality allows staff to keep in touch so everyone is on the same page. VCare messaging functionality includes:

  • Chat
  • Online Messaging
  • Mailbox

Medication Management



Dramatically reduce the time needed for medication management. VCare medication management functionality includes:

  • Links with medication management systems
  • Automatic updates to resident record

Incidents, Complaints and Compliments


VCare keeps track of all the vital data on your resident and the care they receive. VCare functionality includes:

  • Checklist of tasks
  • Task assignment
  • Reports
  • Event monitoring

Audits and



Mandatory reports and key performance indicators are available at a click of a button. All reports are customisable and exportable.

  • Assessments and Event Reporting
  • Clinical Indicators Report
  • Occupancy Report
  • Handover Report
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Assessments




VCare is a secure system with management of access to the server environment where VCare is held. Information is protected by:

  • Auto log off
  • Function and role-based security model
  • Password control
  • Activity logging

VCare Kiosk


Designed to be compatible with touch screens, VCare Kiosk allows only relevant information to be displayed, ensuring staff are never overwhelmed with the information presented.


VCare Any-ware Application


The VCare Any-ware Application enables carers, nurses and other clinical staff to access resident care plans, assessments, events, notes, observations and resulting triggers from the devices in the palm of their hand.