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Admissions for your Facility

With VCare™ full details of all Resident Admission Details in care facilities can be recorded. In addition to the resident’s and admission details; next of kin, referral, information funding and alert information can be recorded. A full bed history is retained, recording which bed the resident occupied as well as any changes in care level requirements. These details are used to generate the occupancy statistics for each facility, simplifying the process of reporting to funding agencies and government departments.

Resident Admission Details

On admission and discharge, a checklist is created ensuring that the essential tasks are completed in a timely fashion. Caregivers can easily access lists of residents to view care plans, progress notes and other events associated with each resident. When a resident is absent (hospital visits or holidays) these are recorded and time frames can be verified against the rules ensuring funding is available to retain that resident’s bed.

The occupancy is integrated with the billing functionality ensuring that each bed day is funded appropriately.

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