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Pukeko Blue Limited (Pukeko Blue) provide a range of care options including Mental Health Care, Intellectual Disability Care, Long Term Chronic Care, Physical Health Care, ACC and much more. Pukeko Blue are committed to delivering the highest possible care to a range of Service Users. Based in Christchurch, Pukeko Blue provides care to over 90 Service Users, across 14 different homes, and use VCare to maintain their high standards and commitment to professionalism.

The Challenges

Pukeko Blue’s business has continued to grow steadily over the years. Tara Fraser Milne, Registered Nurse for Pukeko Blue, said that their previous paper-based system was a nightmare and very timeconsuming. “Trying to get paper in place that covered everything was extremely difficult.”

The main problem that Pukeko Blue faced was the amount of time
expended on these tasks. “Nurses were spending so much time on admin tasks. You want your nurses caring for your Service Users, that is what they are trained for.”

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The Solution

Pukeko Blue introduced VCare into the organisation in mid 2016, focusing on the admin and clinical side of the solution with standardisation across all houses as one of the main objectives.

Following the implementation of VCare, standardisation across all houses has helped improve consistency. “VCare helps with consistency for the whole business. Information is in the same format for everyone, which really helps as we have a lot of staff that will work at different houses. VCare is really beneficial because our staff only have one system to learn, and it is applies to any of the 14

The Results

Information has become easily accessible through VCare, and this has helped Pukeko Blue significantly. A major advantage of VCare is being able to access Service Users information from anywhere. This revolutionises the way Pukeko Blue staff care for their Service Users. “VCare Any-ware is fantastic. You can look at the same information as a physically on-site staff member. This reassures you that if you are not comfortable with a particular Service Users measurements, you can look it up remotely.

Staff are loving how easy VCare is to learn and use. “The VCare Kiosk is incredibly user-friendly, and it isn’t over-detailed, only the information our staff require is there. The system is really userfriendly, with photos, large buttons, icons, and different colours. We knew that our staff would adapt very quickly to VCare and we were right.”

Pukeko Blue

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