Webinar recorded on April 13th 2022

Join us as we discuss VCare’s integration with InterRai alongside special guest Sharmila Devaraj from CHT Healthcare Trust

This webinar discusses how you can enable best-practice care management and auditing practices through VCare and interRai’s integration.

We discuss:

  • VCare and interRai integration
  • VCare and interRai example: CHT Healthcare Trust
  • Q&A

This webinar is useful for:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Enrolled Nurses
  • Clinical Nurse Managers

About the guest

Sharmila Devaraj

Sharmila joined CHT Healthcare Trust in December 2010, firstly as a Registered Nurse at CHT St Johns Hospital then moved on to CHT Royal Oak Home as a Clinical Coordinator before becoming Unit Manager. Initially trained as a Registered Nurse in India, Sharmila worked in the area of oncology, particularly bone marrow transplantation, and cardiac intensive care. Sharmila is currently doing post graduate studies, Masters in Nursing Practice (Advance Nursing) at The University of Auckland. As a newly-appointed Area Manager, Sharmila has been given the role of Quality Manager and Privacy Officer. Sharmila is responsible for CHT St Christophers, CHT Royal Oak, CHT Waiuku and CHT Lansdowne.

Watch the webinar