VCare is an electronic way of meeting all of your care planning and resident recording requirements practically, efficiently and in line with best practice.

All information within VCare is in real-time, so records are always up to date. As residents move from independent living or any other form of care, their record moves with them supporting a continuum of care.

VCare allows your staff to do what they do best, care for their residents.

Care Management functionality includes:

  • Measurements
  • Assessments
  • Events
  • Progress Notes
  • Admission Management
  • Checklists
  • Care Plans
  • Residency Care Occupancy
  • Charts
  • And much more


Resident’s weights, blood pressure and other measures can be recorded in VCare. Schedules are automatically set up upon admission and are customisable to meet the individual’s needs. Staff are alerted to upcoming measurements and a full audit trail is maintained.

Examples of measurements within VCare include:

  • Temperature
  • Pulse (at Rest)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Height
  • And much more


Resident’s assessments can also be recorded. VCare provides a template allowing staff to set up their own assessments and outcomes. These can also be scheduled and caregivers will be notified when these are due.

Examples of measurements within VCare include:

  • Abbey Pain Scale
  • Falls Assessment
  • Post-fall Assessment
  • Mini Nutritional Assessment
  • Pain Assessment
  • And much more

Complaints, Compliments & Incidents

VCare allows events to be recorded including falls, infections, complaints and incidents. When the event is recorded, a checklist of tasks is created within VCare, prompting staff to follow the recommended course of action.

Each event can also be linked to one or more people, admissions or unit contracts. In addition, a list of all unresolved events is available allowing staff to quickly access those events that still require additional work.

Examples of Events within VCare include:

  • Resident Fall
  • Complaint
  • Resident injury
  • Misconduct by staff/provider
  • And much more

Care Plans

Once residents move into their accommodation, they need to be cared for appropriately. It is vital that the care of each resident is managed in an auditable process. VCare incorporates comprehensive care plan functions to meet this need. Modifications to care plans recorded in VCare are tracked and VCare automatically reminds caregivers when plans need to be reviewed, either by the residents, GP or by the nursing staff.

Examples of Care Plan functions VCare include:

  • Review cycles for local staff and GPs
  • Lists of common problems, goals and interventions
  • Recording of evaluations
  • Printing of care plans for client folders
  • Reports listing care plans for renewal
  • And much more


With VCare full details of all Resident Admission Details in care facilities can be recorded. In addition to the resident’s and admission details; next of kin, referral, information funding and alert information can be recorded.

A full bed history is retained, recording which bed the resident occupied as well as any changes in care level requirements. These details are used to generate the occupancy statistics for each facility, simplifying the process of reporting to funding agencies and government departments.

Progress Notes

VCare allows staff to quickly enter progress notes, tracking the date, time and the staff member who recorded a note.

Full notes history is retained and staff are able to search for specific notes by using specified words or the staff member who added them.

Progress Notes can be accessed through VCare Desktop, VCare Kiosk and VCare Any-ware.


Checklists are created in VCare to ensure essential tasks are completed in a timely fashion. Caregivers can easily access lists of residents to view care plans, progress notes and other events associated with each resident.

Residential Care Occupancy

Occupancy can be managed from a number of areas including a powerful graphical interface that allows users to quickly see occupancy information for all or part of a facility and make decisions on the availability of beds

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