The VCare Any-ware Application enables carers, nurses and other clinical staff to access resident care plans, notes and observations and resulting triggers from the devices in the palm of their hand. Whether your staff use an iPad or Android device, they can carry mobile a version of your existing VCare Complete system with them while visiting residents.

No more backwards and forwards to your carers station. All of your residents’ assessment results can be put into the VCare Any-ware Application and it automatically syncs back to your full VCare system so all of your staff have resident assessment details at their fingertips.

Benefits for your facility: 

  • Access to VCare anywhere and anytime
  • Mobility – no longer restricted to a desk
  • Real Time information is available
  • On-call clinical staff have access to clinical information and/or care plans
  • Can we installed on a wide range of Android and iOS devices
  • Users secure web services to pass data from mobile device to database
  • No personal information is stored on mobile device
  • And much more

With the VCare App you can enter and view:

  • Assessments
  • Events
  • Vitals
  • Progress Notes
  • Resident Summaries
  • Single Measurements
  • Observations
  • Food, Fluid and Bowel Charts
  • Resident History
  • And much more

We understand your facility

VCare is 100% NZ owned and operated, and is specifically designed for the NZ market

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