The admin, sales and marketing functionality within VCare provides access to resident information promptly and efficiency, giving you more control and management over your facility, so nothing gets missed.

  • Prospect Management
  • Waiting Lists
  • Document Management
  • Holds

Prospect Management

VCare gives staff the ability to track any type of contact with a resident prior to them moving into the facility including:

  • Appointments
  • Phone calls
  • Letters
  • Follow-ups

Waiting Lists

Prospective clients or current residents can be added to a waiting list for both retirement villages and residential care facilities alerting staff when space becomes available. Additional details which are visible to staff include:

  • Department
  • Date for commencement
  • VCare maintains a consistent record for each resident


When space becomes available, the waiting list can be used to find a suitable resident and a hold is placed on the unit or bed.

  • VCare prevents staff from admitting a resident or creating a new contract until the hold is removed or expired
  • Once confirmed holds can be used to generate a contract or admission
  • Holds are visible on the occupancy screen allowing total visibility for staff

Document Management

VCare provides the ability to merge data to Microsoft Word and Publisher documents, generate letters and attach electronic documents to a record providing a full history of the communication with that resident.

  • Ability to merge data to Microsoft Word or Publisher
  • Letters can be sent within VCare and are linked to the resident’s record
  • Electronic documents can be imported into VCare
  • Ability to produce disclosure documents as required

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