Waiting Lists & Hold

Waiting Lists and Holds | VCare International

Resident Waiting Lists

Prospective clients or current residents can be added to a waiting list for both retirement villages and residential care facilities. Entries on the waiting list are grouped by department. In addition to the dates the entry was added and removed from the list, VCare stores the date at which the resident wishes to commence occupancy. The resident’s details are retained by VCare and do not need to be re-entered when the wait list entry is upgraded to a hold, admission or contract.

When space becomes available, the waiting list can be used to find a suitable resident and a hold is placed on the unit or bed. VCare will then prevent other staff from admitting a resident or creating a new contract until the hold either expires or is removed. Once confirmed the hold can be used to generate a contract or admission for the unit or bed. Holds are visible on the facilities occupancy allowing all staff to see the status at any point.

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