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VCare™ Document Management provides the ability to merge data stored within itself to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher documents. This allows letters to be sent to both prospects and residents. Individual letters can also be sent from within VCare™. The letters generated are linked to the resident’s records providing a history of the communication with that resident.

Electronic documents can be imported into VCare™. These documents are filed against the relevant data. (Residents, Prospects, Units, Contract, Admissions etc.) Combined with the documents generated, a complete communication history with a resident is maintained.

In addition, VCare™ has the functionality to produce disclosure documents as required. VCare™ will take the details of the unit, the fee structure for the village and the sales statistics over the last year and combine these into a disclosure document. The document is automatically converted into an Adobe PDF file preventing any changes once it has been produced. This provides up to the minute sales statistics and calculates the expected return based on the current fee structure, where required.

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