Village Fees


Village Fees | VCare International

Village residents are charged a weekly or monthly fee covering the general running costs of the facility. Many residents also opt to take additional services such as meals or cleaning. These can be charged either per delivery (e.g. meal or hour of cleaning) or as a fixed monthly fee.

VCare™ allows multiple services to be offered in each village either separately or as a service package. Packages can be customised for residents if they have specific requirements. Standard prices for each service are set for each village. Updating the pricing will automatically update each resident who is subscribing to that service and update their funding appropriately.

Residents subscribe to each service or package and details of who will be paying for the service are recorded. VCare™ allows the payment to be split as may be the case if family or trusts are paying for some or all of the services.

VCare™ will generate invoices for the service charges and can export these to an accounting package where necessary. The debtors ledger in VCare™ can be used to record payment of these invoices and issue receipts and statements or summarized general ledger postings where necessary.

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