Retirement Villages and Aged Lifestyle Living

Retirement Villages and Aged Lifestyle living | VCare International

Retirement Village Software

Helping manage Prospects, Unit Contracts, Billing, Marketing and more…

VCare™ has vast functionality built specifically for the retirement industry. With VCare™ you can more easily manage billing, village fees, trust accounts, prospects and more.

VCare™ is cost effective, comprehensive and built to meet the demands of the growing retirement village market. VCare™ International developed the key management tool for facilities aiming to maximize revenue while delivering quality living to its resident.


Village Fees | VCare International

Village Fees

Fees charged on a weekly or monthly
basis for general running costs of a facility
are easily managed and invoiced, as well
as the ability to split payments between
different sources.

Management Fees | VCare International

Management Fees

Management/Membership Fees are
easily handled with VCare™, providing
accurate fee totals both on a cash
and accounting basis.

Prospects | VCare International


VCare™ gives staff the ability to track any type of contact they have with a resident prior to them moving into the facility, giving staff the ability to track appointments, phone calls and letters, ensuring follow-ups to potential residents are performed.

Sales and Marketing | VCare International

Sales and Marketing

VCare™ allows staff to record details relating to how a resident heard about your facility, as well as previous addresses to identify geographic segments. Combined with sales activity data, VCare™ allows for the tracking of marketing campaigns and more.

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