Optional Features

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Optional functionality designed to give you more options for management of your aged care or retirement village facility.


VCare’s system-wide features are there regardless of your facility type. These features are made to be flexible enough to assist any facility.

Optional Functions include the following components:

VCare Touch Kiosk

VCare Touch Kiosk is a simple version of VCare system featuring touch screen capability allowing non-technical staff a simple alternative to interacting with the VCare system.

VCare Any-ware

The latest addition to the VCare suite is intuitive, easy to use VCare Any-ware. This application utilises cutting edge technology allowing clinical staff to carry VCare in their hands or pockets to allow for on-the-spot access to and management of residents’ records. VCare Any-ware enables carers, nurses and other clinical staff to access resident care plans, notes and observations and resulting triggers from the devices in the palm of their hand. The app also allows on-call clinical staff to access clinical information and/or care plans from the comfort of their own home or wherever they need to access this data.

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