“We now have all of the information about a particular person in one place. We can go in and see everything when the person contacts Vivien (Residential Liason Manager) right through to discharge summaries from the hospital.”

Lizzie McIvorGeneral Manager Service for Older People, Presbyterian Support South Canterbury

“I would recommend VCare to other facilities. Technology is the future and I find the VCare team very approachable and easy to talk to, which is incredibly important when choosing a software package.”

Elmswood | Testimonials
Letitia WelsfordGeneral Manager, Elmswood Retirement Village

“All the information that our staff need is right in front of them. I especially like how clinical, residential and billing features talk to each other within VCare. For example, if a resident has a fall and they get admitted to a public hospital, accounts will get a bill for the ambulance, and you can link it to the incident report.”

CHT Healthcare Trust | Testimonial
Carol RopatiArea Manager