“I would definitely recommend this to other facilities because you are having to hand type the information from InterRAI assessments into the care plan in VCare for example the outcome score and scale, ADLs, shortfalls, the score for cognition, everything. You are having to duplicate it in the care plan whereas now this is passed from the InterRAI assessment and its current, and valid and we are not relying on people to put everything in there. So, its pulling through most of it and then you’ve got 20% to do which is good.” 

CHT Healthcare Trust | Testimonial
Sharmila DevarajArea Manager, CHT Healthcare Trust

“So almost all the interRAI questions have been linked to our care plan in some way. So how it works, is that if you complete an interRAI assessment, we go into the assessments under the resident, we have the interRAI assessment there, we download it and once we do that it automatically creates a care plan for us under the care plan heading in VCare. “

CHT Healthcare Trust | Testimonial
Sharmilla DevarajCHT Healthcare Trust

“In terms of streamlining timing, especially with pre populating assessments, it makes it a lot easier, with the assessments we have prepopulated so when they go to do a report assessment, they only have to change a few bits rather than having to do a whole new assessment every time”

Presbyterian Support Otago
Jo Sime, Presbyterian Support Otago

“From a management and IT perspective we were keen on the fact that VCare was New Zealand made, with New Zealand staff and was set up for the New Zealand way of doing things. Several of the other systems were from Australia or the UK, so they, therefore, had to adapt to the NZ perspective.”

Aaron WynenInformation Systems Supervisor, Presbyterian Support South Canterbury

“VCare ensures that you have accurate records, especially on the village side. It also allows one point of entry, whereas before we had a multitude of different systems.”

Elmswood | Testimonials
Letitia WelsfordGeneral Manager

“I would recommend VCare – very professional and it has incredible reporting functionality for us. I also like the global view as you don’t feel so disjointed. Just the incident reporting alone is going to save me hours of work.”


Lizzie McIvorGeneral Manager Service for Older People - Presbyterian Support South Canterbury

“When we had our audit in May the auditors were very complimentary about VCare and how easy it is to follow.”

Raewyn MehrtensNurse Manager - Wallingford Home, Presbyterian Support South Canterbury

“Monitoring and auditing can be done from my office and I don’t have to go over to the site.”

Lizzie McIvorGeneral Manager Service for Older People - Presbyterian Support South Canterbury

“We now have all of the information about a particular person in one place. We can go in and see everything when the person contacts Vivien (Residential Liason Manager) right through to discharge summaries from the hospital.”

Lizzie McIvorGeneral Manager Service for Older People, Presbyterian Support South Canterbury

“The invoicing each month is a lot more efficient and saves me a lot of time.”

Elmswood | Testimonials
Michelle KuruAccounts Administrator, Elmswood Retirement Village