Top Marketing Strategies for Retirement Villages and Aged Care Facilities

Top Marketing Strategies for Retirement Villages and Aged Care Facilities

New Zealand’s population is aging and because of this rest homes are becoming more popular and more of a necessity. Even though there’s huge demand for rest home care, at the same time the market is becoming hugely competitive with new aged care facilities being built all the time.

We share our top tips with you on making the most of your marketing spend.

Top Marketing Strategies for Aged Care | VCare Intermational


It’s very important to make sure that as an aged care provider, you have the processes in place to manage the whole decision-making process and the communication that goes along with it. This starts when someone/ their family first contacts you. At this point, they become a prospect and you’ll want to follow up with some communication such as a direct mail or flyer inviting them to come along to an open day or come in to explore the facilities. You need to continually nurture this relationship and build trust. The communication doesn’t end when they become a resident, it needs to continue, throughout the whole time the resident is in your care.


Online presence

Now more than ever, your rest home needs a strong online presence. Almost everybody is online and connected these days – you’ll find a good number of your residents use the internet regularly and will be looking online to see what your rest home offers, in comparison to the competition.

Make sure your website has relevant, up-to-date content, that is reviewed regularly. It needs to be obvious on your website what care levels are available, when a user first visits your website. It needs to be mobile friendly so that no matter what type of computer/device your prospect is using they will be able to easily find the information on your website applicable to them.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that your website is optimised so that your prospects will be able to find your website when searching online for aged-care facilities in the city and surrounding area.Top Marketing Strategies for Aged Care | VCare International


To strengthen your marketing efforts you need to have a strong sales person who has good knowledge about the rest home and the individual needs of the prospective resident and their family. They will become your brand ambassador will help you market your rest home as the preferred option.

Find out more about marketing solutions offered by VCare.


Falls Prevention Conference – VCare Complete

Falls Prevention Conference – VCare Complete

VCare Complete and Health Care Informed (HCI)

VCare International (VCare) are the leading company providing world class software solutions to the residential care and retirement village industry. Health Care Informed (HCI) are the primary distributor of VCare throughout Ireland. For years HCI has been working with nursing homes in Ireland to improve the care they provide while also fulfilling the HIQA requirements. Together VCare and HCI offer a unique solution

VCare Complete can assist organisations in reducing the time and physical burden of paper records with an intuitive electronic system.

Falls Prevention conference | Dublin

VCare and HCI had a great time at the Falls Prevention Conference at Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin this month.

We hope you found both your visit to our stand and the falls prevention conference exciting and beneficial.

Eoin Cosgrove and Orla McMahon enjoyed showcasing the new VCare Observations application – VCare Any-ware, as well as our exciting new beacons.

Falls Prevention Conference | VCare Complete

VCare Complete goes mobile | VCare Anyware

Caring for your residents – wherever, whenever you need it. VCare Any-ware is a cost effective application build to meet the demands of the Aged Care Industry.

VCare Any-ware allows staff to view, update and create resident:

  • summary records
  • vitals
  • progress notes
  • measurements
  • assessments
  • observations
  • charts
  • histories

VCare Any-ware – giving you the tools so you can spend more time on the things that matter.


“VCare Any-ware is fantastic, and you can look at the same information as a staff member who is physically on site. This gives you the reassurance that if you are not comfortable with a particular Service Users measurements, you can look it up remotely. If there is an issue you can get your staff to do recordings on site, add them to VCare so that you can check the recordings and take immediate action if needed. We have saved a lot of time through VCare. We are more mobile and are no longer restricted by where the paper or supervising staff are. This means more support for front line staff who can remote access senior staff members who may be on the other side of the site or off-site completely.”

Tara Fraser Milne, Registered Nurse, Pukeko Blue

Click here to find out more about VCare Complete

Click here to find out more about Health Care Informed (HCI)

Click here to find out more about VCare Anyware

Click here to request a free demo of the complete VCare solution or VCare Any-ware –our mobile observation application.



Driving Growth in Retirement Living Conference – Melbourne

Driving Growth in Retirement Living Conference – Melbourne


Driving Growth in Retirement Living | VCare Australia

VCare are sponsoring the Driving Growth in Retirement Living Conference

The Driving Growth in Retirement Living Conference will be held on 24th and 25th of May at the Rydges on Swanston, Melbourne.

VCare International (VCare) are the leading company providing world class software solutions to the residential care and retirement village industry. Star Business Solutions (Star) are the primary distributor of VCare throughout Australia. Star have a proven track record of helping privately owned businesses and not-for-profit organisations. VCare and Star are proud to be sponsoring the Driving Growth in Retirement Living Conference.

A range of key speakers will be discussing issues relating to:

  • Integrating the Aged Care reforms into the design of your retirement villages.
  • Building the right product for your customer
  • Renovating and future proofing your portfolio

These key speakers include:

  • Helen Wood from Uniting
  • Simon Schrapel from Uniting Communities
  • Hilda Johnson-Bogaerts from The Selwyn Foundation
  • Mark Bindon from Oak Tree Village Group

VCare will help you to manage administrative, marketing, billing, care and compliance needs efficiently so you can better cater to the needs of your residents and prospects.

Growth in Retirement Living | VCare International

VCare in action…

Not only will Norman and Ian be showing off the full VCare system, but they will also be showing off VCares new mobile observations and assessments applications – VCare Any-ware.

No more backwards and forwards to your desk. Caring for your residents anytime, anywhere.


“VCare ensures that you have accurate records, especially on the village side. It also allows one point of entry, whereas before we had a multitude of different systems.”

– Letitia Welsford, General Manager


Come and visit the VCare stand to see some exciting new mobile technologies. 

Click here to register to the Driving Growth in Retirement Living

Click here to download the Driving Growth in Retirement Living agenda

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


VCare is sponsoring the RVA Forum in Wellington

VCare is sponsoring the RVA Forum in Wellington


RVA Forum March 2017

VCare International is pleased to be sponsoring the RVA  Forum at Whitby Lakes Retirement Village later this month. David Henton from Confident communications and difficult conversations is the guest speaker at the forum.

NZACA RVA Forum | VCare InternationalEvent Details

Date: 22 March 2017RVA | VCare International

Time: 11 am – 2.30 pm

Venue: Whitby Lakes Retirement Village, 1 Newhaven Drive, Porirua

Target Audience: Retirement Village Staff, Operators and Associates

Facilitator: John Collyns



11.00 am              Welcome, NZACA CEO Simon Wallace outlines current issues the ACA is dealing with.

12.20 pm              Lunch

12.50 pm              Welcome and RVA activities update

1.00 pm                VCare International Welcome – Richard Reddecliffe

1.10 pm                Guest Speaker: David Henton, Confident Communications


David Henton from Confident Communications talks about conflict being a part of Life. Whenever people are together for any length of time, personal boundaries start to rub up against each other, different perspectives and attitudes clash; conflict occurs, and the need for negotiation arises.

This session explains how to deal with and diffuse these typical, every day “difficult” situations


2.10 pm                General business, followed by a tour of Whitby Lakes’ new community facilities.


We look forward to catching up with you all at the forum.

What makes a great nurse?

What makes a great nurse?

3 characteristics of a great Nurse

As individuals’ age there is a certain vulnerability that comes along with it. A great nurse understands this vulnerability and are compassionate towards their patients, especially through this transitional period. Nurses understand the physical difficulties their patient are facing, as well as the mental difficulties of no longer being able to fully care for themselves.

Caring and taking care of another person requires a special type of individual, here are 3 top characteristics of a great nurse in your aged care facility.

  1. Patience
  2. Empathy
  3. Emotional Strength3 characteristics of a great nurse | VCare International Blog


Nursing can be a very challenging job and requires a lot of patience to get the job done. Patients can hold a lot of frustration in, and this in turn can be directed towards nursing staff.Great nurses have the ability to recognize that a patient experiencing frustration and anger isn’t purposely being hurtful or irrational, and that most of the time there is something more serious going on.Great nurses possess the patience to overcome and understand a diverse range of situations, which results in a happy and healthy patient.



Great nurses have a deep and strong sense of empathy towards all of their patients. Having the ability to sympathize and connect on multiple levels, are some of the leading qualities of a great nurse. This in turn, results in high quality of life.

Empathy assists nurses and patients in the process of building trust, and a deep and meaningful understanding of one another. This sense of confidence has significant positive flow on effects, such as maintaining a strong sense of trust between the nurse and patient.


Emotional Strength

Emotional strength is a topic that nurses never really talk about, but it is one of the most essential skills in maintaining a great nursing career, where your patients are always your priority. Nurses face multiple challenges every day, sadly death and sickness is a part of the job. Great nurses have the ability to deal with this pain, and care for a resident no matter what their situation is.