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5 reasons to go paperless with VCare

5 reasons to move to a paperless System with VCare Aged Care facilities and Retirement Villages throughout New Zealand are replacing their paper documentation and files with Electronic Management systems such as VCare. From accessing information at any time from any location to reducing costs, there are lots of reasons to go paperless — but many Aged care and…

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What’s coming up at VCare

As the year has progressed, VCare, like many other businesses, have encountered a range of challenges, including adapting to a new way of working within a new normal. We are very aware that Covid-19 has placed additional demands on everyone in the aged care sector.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, significant events for the industry were postponed until later in the year.

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How access to resident information via mobile devices can help improve the outcomes for your residents

Due to the dynamic nature of the Aged Care Industry facilities are focusing their efforts on developing more efficient and productive ways to manage their facility. Easy access to accurate data is imperative in delivering the highest quality of care to your residents. We are seeing the use of electronic devices in a range of different industries and aged care is no different.  

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On-premise or Cloud Hosting: What is the best option for you?

On-premise or Cloud Hosting: What is the best option for you?   How does your business store their software?   On-premise or cloud hosting, what is the best option for you?  On-premise hosting refers to storing your software on infrastructure that is installed locally, on a company’s own computers and servers. Cloud hosting is the process of hosting your software offsite…

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5 ways VCare can help manage your residents’ journey

5 ways VCare can help manage your residents’ journey A significant priority for aged care and retirement facilities to consider when selecting an electronic system is having the ability to manage all resident information. VCare records all information regarding a resident from the initial contact and admission of a resident to their specific requirements such…