Aged Care Application - VCare Any-ware

Caring for your residents- wherever, whenever you need it

Benefits include...


By embracing the shift towards mobile functionality , staff and management can access resident information on the go from wherever they may be.


Staff can access information from any location and enter resident data on the floor, so they can spend time on the things that matter


The availability of real-time Information has a direct relation  on the quality of care being offered and delivered to residents. 

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 Tara Milne

Pukeko Blue

 Registered Nurse


VCare Any-ware is fantastic, you can look at exactly the same information as a staff member who is physically on site. This gives you the reassurance that if you are not comfortable with a particular Service Users measurements you can look it up remotely. If there is an issue you can get your staff to do recordings on site, add them to VCare so that you can check the recordings and take immediate action, if needed.

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