5 ways VCare can help manage your residents’ journey

A significant priority for aged care and retirement facilities to consider when selecting an electronic system is having the ability to manage all resident information. VCare records all information regarding a resident from the initial contact and admission of a resident to their specific requirements such as independent living, or any other form of care. Your resident’s information moves with them supporting a continuum of care. It’s imperative that your facility has the tools and procedures in place to effectively manage and keep track of your resident’s information ensuring you are providing the best level of care possible.

VCare can help manage your residents’ journey from day one. 

Here are 5 ways VCare can help manage your residents’ journey:

  1. Admin, sales and marketing
  2. Clinical Care Management
  3. Day care management
  4. Finance and billing
  5. Medication management

Admin, Sales and Marketing

Our Admin, sales and marketing module gives you more control and visibility of your facility, attracting prospects and managing waitlists. This module ensures all enquiries are managed promptly . Prospects can be added to a waiting list for both retirement villages and residential care facilities alerting staff when space becomes available, allowing facilities to maximise occupancy levels.

Clinical Care Management

VCare keeps track of all vital data about a resident including assessments, measurements, care plans and progress notes.. All information within VCare is in real-time, so records are always up to date. As residents move from independent living or any other form of care, their record moves with them supporting a continuum of care.

Day Care Management

Day Care management ensures attendees and prospective attendee records are always kept up to date .Planning and recording session attendance is simple and ensures accurate records of day care services are always up to date. .

Finance and Billing

VCare’s financial module gives managers and administrators the tools to effectively handle funding and billing is consistent with NZ health funding model as well as passing relevant billing information to the organisation’s wider financial systems.  This module reduces the time needed for invoicing and creates a better process for account management.

“All the information that our staff need is right in front of them. I especially like how clinical, residential and billing features talk to each other within VCare. For example, if a resident has a fall and they get admitted to a public hospital, accounts will get a bill for the ambulance, and you can link it to the incident report.”
Carol Ropati, CHT

Medication Management

VCare integrates with medication management systems and automatically updates residents’ records in VCare when any changes are made. This integration ensures residents receive the appropriate medication and all records are stored safely for future auditing processes.

“For me, it’s being able to keep things all together, say if an auditor walked in and they asked you about something that happened you could access that information straight away.”
Joanne McKenzie, Summerset Wigram

As residents move through their journey VCare can support you every step of the way. Not only does VCare ensure your residents have the best possible care but it provides accurate and detailed records which enables you to keep track of your residents without letting anything fall through the cracks.