VCare User Forum, Auckland

VCare User Forum, Auckland

Thank you from the team at VCare

A big thank you to everyone who attended the VCare User Forum in Auckland on May 16th.

VCare are proud to bring these forums to you, promoting the opportunity for clients to discuss their experiences and have a say in future developments.

Chris Graham, Richard Reddecliffe and Kim Brown had a great time hosting the event. The forums are always an excellent opportunity to catch up with everyone and wonderful to get feedback from all of you.

VCare User Forum – Introducing VCare

VCare is the cost-effective software solution built to meet the demands of the residential care industry. VCare helps automate Care Plan delivery, improve Billing processes, effectively manage Residents and much more.

Thanks to VCare, there is so much more we can now do and manage, that we could never do in the previous system.” The efficient installation of VCare at CHT made for a timely and effective transition. “The implementation was fast and easy and we were very impressed with the support from VCare. I think the relationship between CHT and VCare International is great.”

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