What makes a great nurse?

What makes a great nurse?

3 characteristics of a great Nurse

As individuals’ age there is a certain vulnerability that comes along with it. A great nurse understands this vulnerability and are compassionate towards their patients, especially through this transitional period. Nurses understand the physical difficulties their patient are facing, as well as the mental difficulties of no longer being able to fully care for themselves.

Caring and taking care of another person requires a special type of individual, here are 3 top characteristics of a great nurse in your aged care facility.

  1. Patience
  2. Empathy
  3. Emotional Strength3 characteristics of a great nurse | VCare International Blog


Nursing can be a very challenging job and requires a lot of patience to get the job done. Patients can hold a lot of frustration in, and this in turn can be directed towards nursing staff.Great nurses have the ability to recognize that a patient experiencing frustration and anger isn’t purposely being hurtful or irrational, and that most of the time there is something more serious going on.Great nurses possess the patience to overcome and understand a diverse range of situations, which results in a happy and healthy patient.



Great nurses have a deep and strong sense of empathy towards all of their patients. Having the ability to sympathize and connect on multiple levels, are some of the leading qualities of a great nurse. This in turn, results in high quality of life.

Empathy assists nurses and patients in the process of building trust, and a deep and meaningful understanding of one another. This sense of confidence has significant positive flow on effects, such as maintaining a strong sense of trust between the nurse and patient.


Emotional Strength

Emotional strength is a topic that nurses never really talk about, but it is one of the most essential skills in maintaining a great nursing career, where your patients are always your priority. Nurses face multiple challenges every day, sadly death and sickness is a part of the job. Great nurses have the ability to deal with this pain, and care for a resident no matter what their situation is.